Akshar consultants is a chemical engineering consulting company.

We are a Group of Qualified, Ambitious, Hardworking, Motivated Engineers having decades of experience in providing engineering consulting services related to different sectors of chemical industries.

Our chief interests are Process Development, Process design, Process Control Design and Process Engineering, Re-Engineering Used Oil refinery and Waste Oil refinery .

We work with large to medium size companies: Power companies, Industrial Companies, Agro firms, Product Development Companies, Manufacturing Companies, and Venture Capitalists, Startup Companies.

We specialize in scaling projects up from research to production. We have provided our services to many companies in the southern and eastern India.

Our Project Development Consultants are typically qualified in the following areas:
  • Scaling up research projects to the commercial plant stage
  • Process design, Process Control Design and Process Engineering as well as scaling up research projects.

    We have worked on projects in following areas:

  • Organic - Inorganic chemicals and biotechnical chemicals.
  • Producing Lube Oil from Eco-friendly root of total High Vaccum thin film distillation
  • Separation of Fatty Acid (FA) from the Edible Oil.
  • Onsite/Offsite Emergency planning, energy conservation program, pollution control, cost effective operation of plant de-bottlenecking, co-ordination with various department like utility, filling station/security-safety during shifts.
  • Re-Engineering Used Oil refinery and Waste Oil refinery
  • Lube oil, Gear oil operations, High vacuum distillation followed by filtration and drying
  • Used oil re-refining
  • Recycling reclamation of Waste Oil
  • Plant Startup, Trouble-shooting, Data acquisition and analysis, Reaction Kinetics and Equilibrium, Fluid Flow, Filtration, Preliminary Capital Cost Estimation, Plant Operation Instruction and Training, Valve Tuning.
  • Good understanding as to how to motivate research people to generate the kind of information that is needed to scale up their project to the pilot and commercial plant levels.
  • We have biochemical and biomedical experience.
  • As chemical engineering consultants we have good skills in chemistry and computations.
Call us and we will apply our chemical engineering consulting skills to design your plant, scale up your project, or do what ever we can help you with.

You can contact us by phone and email.

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